Anticipated Halloween Traffic A Cause for Concern for Both Trick-or-treaters and Motorists

Commuters this Halloween have already been forewarned to expect rush hour traffic to begin ghoulishly early on October 31st, with projections for congestion beginning as early at 1 pm. Experience itself suggests that no matter how early you leave work or how earnestly you plan beforehand, chances are you will be ensnared in some form or other of traffic congestion tonight as parents and children alike rush home to prepare for a rousing night of “trick or treats!”

Atlanta personal injury attorneys know all too well that when it comes to holidays, people tend to inadvertently throw caution to the wind. With rain in the forecast this time around, there may be cause for extra concern. There are also Halloween street closures to contend with. Drivers should be warily on the lookout for other frustrated citizens looking to make it home before nightfall using alternate and, accordingly, unfamiliar routes.

Furthermore, motorists should be especially mindful of the children who will take over the streets tonight. During the fall months darkness falls earlier so it will be even more difficult to see costumed little ones as they cross roadways, darting between houses…and cars. With an environment like that, some type of pedestrian accident seems almost inevitable.

Even if they’ve been cautioned against running into traffic, on this particular night children have one-track minds. That is because, for children, Halloween equals candy. For adults, on the other hand, Halloween fun often amounts to generous amounts of libations, which is especially dangerous on a night that calls for greater responsibility. Reflexes need to be exceptional under holiday conditions like these so it is paramount, more so than ever, that people operating vehicles don’t drink and drive.

Below are several tips parents can implement in order to ensure the safety of their little “monsters”:

-Enforce a strict curfew with incentives for compliance.
-Accompany small children on trick-or-treating excursions. Always escort younger children to the homes of strangers and as they walk across the street and conduct regular roll calls when traveling with larger groups.
-Review the rules of the roadway with your children before unleashing them on the neighborhood.
-Consider incorporating reflexive gear into this year’s costume. A bit of tape, bright clothing or even a safety vest, while perhaps not exactly aesthetically pleasing, may make all the difference in a life or death situation.
-If you have older children who are trick-or-treating with friends, make sure to get contact information for the parents of everyone in attendance in the event that something happens.
-Masks are a great addition to any costume, but they also have the potential to impair visibility. Widen slits on masks, or forego them completely in favor of face paint or other alternatives. Visibility is imperative when avoiding obstacles–like cars or even lampposts.
-If you are one of those people anticipating more grown-up fun this Halloween, think about either designating a sober driver, or keeping the party at home altogether.

However, it’s important to note that car accidents and pedestrian accidents aren’t the only incidents that tend to increase in number on Halloween. With tons of foot traffic going on at once, slip and falls and burn injuries tend to increase in number as well. With all of this taken into account, a good general rule of thumb would be to remain on high alert for any potential dangers and steer clear away from them. Having guarded fun is definitely the recipe for a successful Halloween.

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