Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Losing a loved one is incredibly painful.  This is even more true when that person’s passing is sudden, unexpected, and preventable.  If the death of a person you care about has brought you to our website, we are so very sorry for your loss and hope to provide you with information that gives you peace of mind and helps to provide a way forward for your family.

Why Does the Law Allow Wrongful Death Claims?

For many, the question of why the legal system even allows wrongful death claims is a legitimate one.  After all, no amount of litigation or money will bring a loved one back.  And that is certainly true.  Yet, there are valuable objectives that can be met through a legal claim after the death of a loved one that was preventable and unexpected.  Some of these include the covering of lost income as well as very real expenses forced upon the family left behind.  Others further larger societal goals such as providing answers to how such a tragedy could be allowed to occur as well as the best way to prevent it from happening in the future.

The list below is not exhaustive, but illustrates ways a wrongful death lawsuit can provide financial and non-financial assistance after an otherwise tragic loss:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Burial expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future income for non-working spouses and children
  • Funds to care for other dependents such as disabled or elderly family members
  • Answers to questions about what exactly brought about the death
  • Accountability for those responsible for causing the death
  • Incentives for businesses, government entities, and individuals to put measures in place to prevent similar deaths in the future
  • Valuable donations to charitable organizations and causes that care for injury victims and their families, provide scholarships to children of deceased parents, or do other good works in the community
  • Compensate families for the loved one’s pain and suffering, and their spouse’s loss of consortium (companionship)

While it is not perfect, the U.S. legal system does what it can to compensate those who suffer losses due to the misconduct or negligence of others.  And it is not just the court system and lawyers that participate.  For example, the law requires insurance policies for property owners, businesses, doctors, ride shares, and others who are trusted with ensuring the safety of community members.  Those dollars are paid into a system that is responsible for stepping up and helping when tragedy strikes.

Choosing a Wrongful Death Attorney

Because wrongful death cases are often more complicated than even serious injury cases, it is incredibly important to hire the right attorney as your advocate.  The team at Attorney Client Match has assembled the most accomplished lawyers in the industry to represent families in these complex cases.  They possess the following attributes:

  • Substantial experience litigating catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases
  • Substantial financial resources to conduct a thorough investigation and hire the best experts in the areas of medical treatment, accident reconstruction, or other unique industries
  • Willingness and ability to settle a case when it should be settled – and not before – and also to take a case to trial if necessary to obtain justice for the deceased’s family
  • True compassion and a realization that the practice of law is not just a business, but involves real people with real pain and loss

The Best Next Steps for Your Family

If you have been left with unanswered questions and uncertainty about how to move forward after a tragic loss, please take advantage of a consultation with one of our experienced wrongful death lawyers.  It is free, confidential, and does not require you to do anything more.  However, at the end of this discussion, you will know all of your options shared with you by an attorney with years of experience representing families who have lost their loved ones due to tragic and preventable events.

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