Hiring an Attorney for Your Injury on Dangerous Property

“Premises liability” is a general term that attorneys often use to describe injuries that happen on the property of an individual, business, government entity, or multi-unit residence.  Unfortunately, these types of injuries are often very serious and have lasting consequences for victims and their families.  If you or a loved one has been injured or killed on someone else’s property, we are sorry this happened to you and are here to help.

Making a Legal Claim for Damages in Premises Liability Cases

While there are many things that impact whether a legal claim for injuries on someone else’s property will be successful, the general law about these issues is relatively clear.  Simply stated, those in control of property have a duty and obligation to keep it safe from conditions that may harm others.  If they fail to do so, and someone is hurt or killed as a result, that property owner or manager is liable for all of the damages that result from the incident.  And those damages can include medical expenses, lost wages, loss of consortium (e.g. companionship), the destruction of property, and pain and suffering.  With most legal issues, having the right attorney on your side is critical for obtaining a fair result in your case.  That’s where the team at Attorney Client Match can help.

Causes of Dangerous Property Injuries or Deaths

There are many different types of conditions or actions that can give rise to a legal claim under premises liability law.  Below are the most common, along with a brief description or example of each:

  • Slip and falls. These often occur in busy public places such as large retail stores and are due to a property owner or manager’s failure to clean up a dangerous spill or keep walkways free of tripping hazards. Falls also often occur due to structural issues with the property.
  • Negligent Security. These cases often involve a physical or sexual assault due in part to an owner or manager’s failure to take reasonable measures to keep a property safe from criminal conduct.  An example would be a rape in the stairwell of an apartment complex with poor security and/or a history of assaults.
  • Animal attacks. The most common type of animal attacks are dog bites.  Such attacks often result in severe injuries. In addition to dog bites, we have seen an increase in attacks by exotic animals over the past 10 years.
  • Falling objects. Our team of attorneys has seen an increase in these injuries over the years as many stores have chosen to stack goods up high to maximize space. These incidents often occur in the “Big Box” stores and can cause very serious injuries or even death.
  • False imprisonment/False Arrest/Malicious Prosecution. These cases routinely happen when a business falsely accuses a patron of shoplifting and unreasonably or unjustly restricts their freedom to leave the premises. In this circumstance, the incident is considered “false imprisonment.” If the store has the person arrested, but the charges are dismissed, then the claim is one for “false arrest.” However, if the person is prosecuted, then the claim is one for “Malicious Prosecution.”
  • Unfinished or unmarked construction areas. Property owners commonly fail to mark or cordon off areas under construction, posing safety hazards to persons moving through the area.
  • Other dangerous conditions. In addition to the above conditions, there are many others that can contribute to a serious injury or death for unsuspecting visitors or patrons.

How We Can Help with Your Case

The best premises liability lawyers bring years of experience to cases involving injuries on someone else’s property.  They understand the nuances that routinely make the difference between a good economic recovery and a great one.  And they are completely committed to helping their clients move forward after a tragic slip and fall, animal attack, or other unexpected tragedy.  In addition to the above traits, each attorney at Attorney Client Match is skilled at addressing two unique challenges in these types of cases, including:

  • Preservation of evidence. Whether it’s video footage, witness statements, or photos of the dangerous condition which caused the injury or death, it is critical to collect and safeguard important evidence that will be used to maximize settlement or verdict values.
  • Finding insurance. Perhaps the most important part of a claim for injuries on property is  determining available insurance coverage.  For example, for an injury at a vacation rental property, a highly skilled lawyer will look at potential policies of the owner, management company, rental website, maintenance and/or cleaning company, etc.

Take Action Today to Protect Your Rights

At Attorney Client Match, we understand that you may feel overwhelmed at this time.  It’s natural to feel that way.  Yet, the best course of action for almost all injury victims is to hire an experienced and dedicated attorney to protect your rights.  One that can take the burden and stress off of you and your family so you can focus on recovering and returning to normal.  Please contact our office today to discuss your matter.  The consultation is free, and you pay nothing unless we successfully resolve your claim.

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