Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Instances of medical malpractice – and the associated aftermath – are particularly difficult for patients and families.  Not only do mistakes by doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, chiropractors, pharmacists, or other providers leave patients with serious health complications, they also often involve a breach of trust and uncertainty about the future that are difficult to overcome.  If you or a loved one are dealing with the challenges of life after medical malpractice, we are sorry this has happened to you.  Our team of skilled attorneys and support staff are here to help you evaluate options and move forward in a way that protects your legal rights and provides for physical and emotional recovery.

Common Types of Medical Malpractice Cases

While advances in healthcare over the past 100 years have drastically improved options for treating everything from skin conditions and respiratory illnesses to heart disease and cancer, the sheer number of procedures and treatments have increased the instances of medical errors.  Simply stated, there is no limit to the types and severity of mistakes that harm patients, and we handle all types of cases.  With that said, the majority of matters we litigate on behalf of clients involve one or more of the following:

  • Complete or partial failure to diagnose or incorrect diagnosis of an illness or condition
  • Failure to properly treat a known illness or condition
  • Surgery mistakes or poorly performed procedures
  • Failure to properly administer anesthesia care
  • Medication dosage errors by physicians and nurses
  • Prescription filling mistakes by pharmacists or pharmacy technicians

How a Medical Negligence Lawyer Can Help Patients and Families

If there is one universal truth about medical malpractice cases, it is that they are very complicated and take a large number of resources to win.  Because of this, having the right legal team in place is a requirement for success.  So is taking the best next steps for patients and families, which includes fully understanding options and choosing ones that help achieve the following objectives:

  • Obtain the best medical treatment that will eliminate or reduce the physical and psychological problems caused by medical malpractice. (Of course, we understand that in the worst cases, a family has lost a loved one who can never be replaced, and additional medical treatment will not apply.)
  • Secure rights to all financial compensation provided by law. Money will not fix all issues when it comes to health.  In fact, in many cases, it may seem that the two are unrelated.  However, having funds to replace lost wages, pay medical expenses, obtain specialized nursing care, or purchase and install equipment may be incredibly important to you and your family over time.
  • Hold the healthcare providers who caused the poor result responsible and help ensure that other patients and families are not victimized in the same way. This is a very common goal for patients we represent at Attorney Client Match.
  • Other goals such as creating awareness or additional education about the true risks of a procedure, promoting issues a patient should consider more closely before choosing a course of treatment are very common among medical malpractice victims.

The attorneys to whom we refer you help clients with the above issues on a daily basis and bring a combined level of experience spanning decades.  We not only understand the complexities in medical mistake or negligence cases, but the attorneys to whom we refer you have a track record of achieving positive outcomes in the most challenging litigation.  Much of this success on behalf of clients is due to the resources these attorneys deploy in healthcare malpractice cases.  For example, the attorneys have often developed relationships with the best experts in each field who will analyze all the circumstances leading up to the malpractice and provide solid opinions about a provider’s failure to follow the proper standard of care.  The attorneys utilize experts who specialize in estimating the future costs of medical treatment, disability accommodations, lost wages, and other damages for which compensation should be paid.  In short, the attorneys and their team effectively navigate the complex medical and legal issues so you can focus on recovery and getting back to a place of normalcy in your life.

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