Best Winter Gear for Motorcyclists to Stay Safe

How a motorcyclist dresses can often impact his risk of injuries if he’s involved in an accident. In no season is that risk more pronounced than during the bleak winter months.

A motorcyclist must invest in special winter gear and accessories that reduce his risk of being seriously injured in an accident. In Georgia’s icy weather, a motorcyclist can quickly find himself getting increasingly cold and numb the longer he rides in the biting cold weather. Invest in a few extra pieces of clothing that can keep you warm. These additional pieces of clothing can not only keep you warmer, also reduce your risk of being injured in an accident by providing an extra layer of protection.

Extra layers of insulation can keep you both warm and safe.   Your face and neck region can become very cold while driving in winter. Use a liner under your helmet. This liner can help shield your face by leaving only your eyes exposed so you can see the road. Get a lining in a comfortable material. You can also protect your neck region with a scarf or a neck wrap.  An extra pair of leggings under your motorcycle pants can provide extra insulation and protection for you.

Your hands need to be warm and comfortable for you to ride safely. The cold air can make your hands and fingers numb making it hard for you to brake or perform any other emergency actions to avoid an accident.   Therefore, it is extremely important that you protect your hands with the right kind of gloves.  Leather gloves are one of the best types that can keep your hands well protected. Try on leather gloves first before you buy them so you can judge the comfort as well the flexibility they offer. Heated gloves are also a great idea for winter riding.

Lastly, your riding gear should include a special motorcycle jacket. In any accident, your torso is at risk of injuries, and a thick, tough jacket can lessen the severity of any injuries that may be caused in an accident. Invest in a top-of-the-line jacket that has extra pads for the shoulders and back for increased protection.  Your jacket should also be waterproof and made of breathable fabric to keep you comfortable. Remember, your motorcycle jacket should provide extra protection, but should not be so bulky or heavy that it makes you uncomfortable while riding

It’s always best to get used to your new gear by using these pieces a couple of times before you begin riding in winter. Follow these tips, dress right so you can keep riding safely this winter season. Being properly dressed for the weather will keep you dry and warm and help you focused on riding.  This is certainly much better than being cold and wet and distracted by your discomfort.

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