Boom in Motorcycle Sales Raises Questions about Safety

Across the United States, there has been a spike in motorcycle sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, giving rise to concerns about how a new generation of motorcycle riders will cope with the safety issues involved in riding these vehicles.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many industries, and at the beginning of the outbreak the motorcycle industry was not spared. Motorcycled sales tanked as the financial devastation wreaked by the pandemic resulted in people putting off purchases of non-essential items like motorcycles and other recreational vehicles. However, it soon became very apparent that the pandemic would continue for much longer than expected, and most US cities, including the metro Atlanta region placed restrictions on the use of mass transit.

Once some sense of routine returned to the working sector, a very interesting phenomenon occurred.  Large numbers of people who were required to go back to work had to look at other forms of transportation in order to avoid using mass transit and to ensure physical distancing, one of the key ways to prevent infection with the virus.  To that end, two-wheeled personal forms of transportation, such as motorcycles, seemed like the most attractive option. Many commuters also believed motorcycles were safer than bicycles.

As a result, motorcycle sales spiked not just in Georgia, but also across the country. In fact, this has been a global phenomenon, with many countries reporting spikes in the sales of motorcycles. The reasons for this are very obvious. In many cities, motorcycles have not only helped workers return to their jobs safely, but have also helped people enjoy recreational activities in a safe environment. Going out for a ride with family or friends, is much less risky during a pandemic than travelling in a car.

However, motorcycles continue to remain one of the more dangerous forms of transportation, and motorcyclists have a higher risk of suffering serious injuries in accidents, compared to occupants of four-wheeled motor vehicles.  Incidentally, many new motorcycle buyers may have traded in the risk of being infected with a potentially deadly virus with the possibility of serious injuries in an accident.

Increased motorcycle use is not necessarily a bad thing.  It could relieve Atlanta’s notorious traffic congestion, and also provide for a safer means of transportation until Covid era restrictions are relaxed. However, it is important that Georgia transportation authorities take the increase in motorcycle users into consideration while designing traffic accident mitigation strategies.

For instance, infrastructure improvements could greatly help reduce the risk of accidents involving motorcyclists.  In addition, even though Georgia motorcycle laws already do require motorcyclists to undergo a training program before they begin riding a motorcycle, but these laws need to be strengthened.  Data has consistently shown that untrained motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in accidents, and there is nothing more dangerous than a novice motorcyclist on a brand-new, powerful set of wheels.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident in the metro Atlanta region, talk to an experienced Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney and determine your legal options for a claim for compensation for damages. You may qualify for compensation that includes medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and other forms of damages.

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