Breathing Exercises Could Help Heal Brain Injury in Teens

Teenagers who have suffered a concussion or a mild brain injury may benefit from breathing exercises that could help heal the injury quicker.

Car accidents  are an under-estimated cause of brain injury among teenagers.  Much  of the available research  focuses on the role of sports injuries, especially those involving contact sports, in causing brain injuries among teenagers.   However, auto accidents and falls contribute  to a significant number of brain injuries in this population every year.

A new study focused on the benefits of breathing exercises and aerobic activity in teenagers who had suffered a brain injury.  These  two strategies independently have proven benefits in helping brain injuries heal faster.  However  the researchers found that when breathing exercises are combined with aerobic activity,  the benefits to the teenager are much greater.  The  results of the study are due to be presented at a conference of the American Academy of Nephrology in April.

Exercise can be difficult for persons who have suffered a brain injury. That is a direct result of the effect of the brain injury on the body’s autonomic nervous system which can contribute to not just an inability to exercise,  but also mood problems, concentration difficulties and other results of the injury.  The researchers found that breathing exercises help the person  control his or her breathing rates and match these with his heart rate patterns.  This allowed the patient to control and regulate the autonomic nervous system and, therefore, helped him to control symptoms better.

The  researchers divided participants in the study into 3 groups.  The  first group received biofeedback or breathing exercises,  while the second group had  aerobic activity.  The  third group had both biofeedback as well as exercise.  The   researchers found that the participants in all three groups showed improvement in their brain injury symptoms.  All participants reported improvements in their mood, sleep and  memory skills.  However,  it was participants in the third group who were exposed to both biofeedback as well as aerobic activity who were most likely to experience significant improvements in all symptoms of the brain injury.

Car accidents contribute to a significant percentage of teenagers suffering brain injuries every year.  If  you have a teen child at home,  make sure that you inculcate safe driving habits in your child, and remain vigilant about your teen’s driving behaviors.  Ensure  that basic rules like limiting passengers in the car  are followed stringently.

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