Car Accident Prevention Tips for the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer

The weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day are often referred to as the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer” for teen drivers.  Safety organizations are asking parents to pay attention to their children’s driving habits in order to reduce the risk of fatal auto accidents.

Car accidents are a major risk for teen drivers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that auto accidents are the second biggest factor in teen deaths.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that in 2020, 1,885 teen drivers lost their lives in car accidents.  That was an increase of 17% from the previous year.  Close to 190,000 drivers were injured in traffic accidents in 2020.

Teen drivers are at risk of being personally injured or killed in all types of car accidents including alcohol-related auto accidents, distracted driving car accidents and speeding- related car crashes. In 2020, 29% of teen drivers killed in car accidents had some amount of alcohol in their system at the time of the accident, while 82% of those persons had a blood alcohol concentration limits that were higher than the legal limit of .08.

Crashes involving teen drivers are deadly not only to the teen driver, but also their passengers and other motorists.  In 2020, there was a 22% increase in the number of passengers killed in teen driver – related car accidents.  There was also an 8% increase in the number of fatalities involving occupants of the other vehicles involved in auto accidents with teen drivers.  Overall, the total number of fatalities in crashes involving teen motorists increased by a staggering 15% in 2020.

Speeding and other dangerous behaviors are on the increase with a number of mature adult drivers who should know better,  and in this situation, it is even more important for parents to insist on strict adherence to laws when it comes to their teenage children.  Driving can be a right of passage for teens, and while you might feel that your teenager is trustworthy and responsible, many teen car accidents are caused by peer pressure and influence.  Remember, your teenage child will spend many days of summer driving with friends, and these friends can constitute a serious distraction.  Besides distractions, teenagers may be influenced by negative influences from their friends and passengers, and may indulge in irresponsible and dangerous behaviors like speeding.

Teen drivers constitute 11.6 million or more than 5% of all licensed drivers in the country.  With such a large population of young motorists expected to be out driving through summer, it’s important for parents to understand that their teen children are at a higher risk of car accidents during these days.  Safety advocates are calling on parents to understand that these 100 days of summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day can be some of the most dangerous for teen drivers.

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