Comminuted Fractures after a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle riding has become increasingly more popular over the  years.   The rise of popularity of motorcycle riding spreads across many age groups, young and old.  Older motorcycle riders, however, suffer a higher rate of mortality when involved in a motorcycle accident, according to recent studies performed by the National Institute of Health.

These recent studies by the NIH have also found that even if a motorcycle accident does not result in a fatality, older riders tend to suffer more serious injuries than younger riders.  Older riders have a higher risk of suffering not only head and abdominal injuries, but also multiple fractures.  Fractures are some of the more common injuries that occur in a motorcycle accident. There are several types of fractures that can occur, from simple fractures to the more complicated ones such as comminuted fractures.

Many of the types of fractures suffered by older motorcycle riders are comminuted fractures.  A comminuted fracture occurs when a bone is broken into more than two splinters. A simple fracture can heal easily, but a comminuted fracture is more complicated to treat.  These kinds of fractures typically occur in high-impact accidents. When extreme pressure and force are applied to the bone, there is a chance that the bone will fragment into more than 2 pieces. Comminuted fractures are even more likely to occur in a motorcycle accident, because of the lack of protection that a motorcyclist has against severe impact in a crash.

Comminuted fractures can be serious, and involve surgeries and lengthy recovery times.  These fractures may not be treated simply with the use of a cast or splints, as is the case with most other fractures. There are external devices apart from these that will be required to repair a fracture like this.  Open surgeries are very often necessary in order to treat a comminuted fracture. A combination of a metal rod, screws and pins will be used as an external fixation device in order to hold the area together, and keep the injured bone in place. This helps the bone to set or heal faster.  A diagnosis of a comminuted fracture will involve X-rays, and in many cases, MRIs may be used.

Suffering any type of fracture or broken bone from an accident can disable a person, and prevent him from going back to work.  Comminuted fractures typically require the victim to take a long period of time off work.  If you have suffered comminuted fractures in an accident, it is likely to be several weeks or even months before your bone has healed sufficiently enough for you to be able to place pressure on it. If it is a leg fracture, you will be unable to place pressure on your legs for several months after the injury, making it impossible for you to stand or walk. A comminuted fracture can mean serious financial losses, not just because of the medical expenses involved, but also from the loss of days from work.

If your loved one has suffered comminuted fractures in a motorcycle accident, talk to an experienced  Atlanta area motorcycle accident attorney and determine your legal options for a claim for damages. You may qualify for damages that include medical costs, lost wages and any income loss in the future as a result of the injury.



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