Does Too Much Auto Safety Technology Increase Car Accident Risks?

Atlanta car accident lawyers have acknowledged that the fact that cars now come with newer, better and improved auto safety aids to prevent accidents is a major reason why auto accident wrongful deaths are down over the past decade. However, as Americans get more used to cars that seem to be designed purely to avoid accidents, there is a danger that driver input and participation in the driving process will decrease, raising inattention, and even increasing the risks of an accident.

A report in asks the critical question – could auto safety devices actually be a little dangerous? There is no doubt that auto safety technologies like Lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control and pedestrian warning systems play a critical role in reducing accident wrongful deaths. These warning systems can alert a driver to an object or a pedestrian in their path, thereby motivating drivers to slow down and avoid a auto accident. Lane departure warning systems sound an alarm when the motorist is dozing off at the wheel, and is in danger of veering off his lane.

For thousands of Americans, these systems are now part and parcel of the driving experience. However, there may be a danger on depending too much on auto safety technologies. These systems are designed to reduce a driver’s focus on the road. Automobiles nowadays are designed to take much of the responsibility for safety off a driver’s shoulders.

There’s no doubt that these safety devices are very important in certain situations. For instance, when a driver is tired and returning home from a double work shift, a lane departure warning system can alert him to a possibly serious accident hazard. On Atlanta’s congested streets, these auto safety devices could prove a blessing. However, a driver who is traveling on a relatively safe, empty highway with no accident risks in sight, could actually become complacent and too relaxed while driving. A person like this could simply be coasting along, and may be unable to react appropriately when a sudden accident threat emerges.

According to researchers, semiautonomous auto safety technologies are most effective in motorists who understand the technology, trust it, and have been trained to use it effectively. This is another problem that auto manufacturers need to address. Many motorists buy these devices, and get all their information from other drivers, the Internet, or from the driver’s manual. Auto manufacturers need to ask dealers to work together with customers in order to help them understand these auto safety technologies, as well as their limits.

Motorists must be aware that technology has its limits, and that they must not depend on it to guarantee their safety. No current technology can do that. Most current systems are designed to work together with the motorist, in order to avoid possible accident risks. Even with all these auto safety technologies at our disposal, Atlanta car accident lawyers have not failed to note that the risks from distracted or fatigued driving remain as strong as ever.

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