Georgia Included in 5 States that Account for Most Car Accidents

A new study by an insurance company ranks Georgia as one of five states that together account for more than 40% of all auto accident wrongful deaths in the country.

In the first three quarters of 2022, a total of 31,785 car accident fatalities were recorded on American roads.  As many as 37% of these deaths, however, occurred in only 5 states.  One of those states is Georgia.

There is no denying the fact that Georgia has a serious problem with traffic safety. During the first 9 months of 2022, a total of 1,353 auto accident wrongful deaths were recorded in the state of Georgia.  That  was a 3.8% increase from the same period of time in 2021.

It seems that 2023 is not turning out to be any different.  As many as 19 people were killed in auto accidents over the New Years’ holiday  in Georgia. Those are staggeringly high numbers, and, in fact, are the logical conclusion of a deadly holiday season in Georgia that resulted in 32 auto accident fatalities, an increase over the 16 fatalities that were recorded during the same season the previous year.

Only  the most optimistic would fail to concede that Georgia has a serious problem with auto safety, and that strong measures are called for by state officials.  The Georgia Department of Public Safety does seem to have responded to  these  concerns, and has launched initiatives that are aimed at helping reduce the number of people killed in auto accidents in the state.  These  efforts include initiatives to reduce the number of alcohol -intoxicated drivers on our streets.  Speeding is another major factor boosting the numbers of auto accident deaths in the state.  The numbers of  motorcyclists being killed in car accidents  also deserve special attention.

The  Department Of Public  Safety is working on initiatives to help reduce the numbers of pedestrians and motorcyclists killed in auto accidents in Georgia every year.  Some  of these initiatives over the past few years have yielded good results.  For  example, Georgia laws against the use of cell phones while texting and driving have resulted in reduced numbers of motorists using their cell phones while driving under threat of financial penalties for violations.

As a motorist in Georgia, there are several steps you can take to avoid becoming a part  of these unfortunate statistics.  Always  wear a seatbelt while driving, and make sure that everybody else in your car is buckled in as well.  Pay  special attention to back seat passengers –  studies show that they are much less likely to wear seatbelts compared to front seat passengers and drivers.  Avoid  driving under the influence of alcohol,  and avoid the temptation to reach for your cell phone at the wheel.  Last  but not least, drive within posted speed limits.

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