Georgia Records 20 Highway Car Accident Deaths over Fourth of July Fourth Weekend

There were a total of 20 deaths recorded in auto accidents across the state of Georgia over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety recently released statistics related to the number of car accidents and deaths that occurred within the state’s borders over this year’s Fourth of July weekend.  The holiday weekend typically sees a significant number of traffic auto accidents resulting in personal injuries and deaths, and this year was no different.  In fact, the number of people killed in car accidents over the holiday weekend this year was higher than in the previous two years.  However, it was a drop from the 26 deaths that were recorded in 2019.

The number of deaths was significantly higher this year compared to last year.  In 2021, there were a total of 11 fatalities recorded over the Fourth of July holiday weekend in Georgia.  Those deaths were recorded over a holiday weekend that lasted for 54 hours. This year, even though the holiday weekend lasted for a total of 78 hours, the number of people killed in car accidents was actually close to 100% higher. In fact, the number of auto crash deaths crossed the 17 mark just 48 hours into the holiday weekend, making it much higher when compared to last year. A total of 295 auto accidents were reported to state troopers out of which 171 resulted in personal injuries.

The Georgia State Patrol conducted a number of safety and enforcement campaigns over the holiday weekend, including the Operation Zero Tolerance campaign which specifically targets motorists driving under the influence of alcohol over the holiday weekend.  The number of drunk drivers is especially higher over the Fourth of July weekend as families and friends gather to celebrate with few limits on alcohol consumption. The Georgia State Patrol also conducted the Hundred Days of Summer Campaign which specifically focused on cracking down on intoxicated motorists as well as aggressive and speeding drivers.

As we continue into summer, the number of intoxicated and speeding drivers on our roads is only likely to increase.  Be a safe and responsible driver this summer.  Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.  If you are at a gathering that involves alcohol, make sure that you have someone to drive you home after the event.  Use taxis or ride sharing services to get home safely.  Avoid driving at high speeds – they make it harder for you to brake in time to avoid an car accident.

If you have teenage children, ensure that they are driving safely as well.  Teens tend to be involved in an inordinate number of auto accidents over summer when school is out and when they are out with friends. Encourage children to wear seat belts, and drive at safe speeds.

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