Georgia Roadways Ranked 14th in Condition, Cost- Effectiveness

A new report ranks Georgia roadways and highways at number 14 in the country  based on their condition.

Every year, the Reason Foundation releases its annual report which measures and ranks all fifty states based on the condition of highways across the state, including the condition of its pavements, traffic congestion, condition of bridges and traffic fatality rates. The report also measures the cost effectiveness of the state’s spending on its highways and bridges.

The report places our state at first place in urban arterial pavement condition, which are roadways that have four to eight lanes. Georgia placed third for the condition of rural arterial roads, roads that have two to four lanes.  Overall, Georgia seems to fare much better, compared to most of our other southern neighbors. The state is ranked at number 28 in overall fatalities.  Georgia was ranked at number 23 in the condition of its rural interstate pavements. Traffic congestion is another important marker for traffic safety, and the state was ranked at number 34 on this marker. The state was ranked at number 7 on structurally deficient bridges.

Overall, the report is appreciative of the state’s efforts in maintaining high-quality pavements across the state, and regular repairs to its bridges to make sure that these are well maintained. The really good news is that Georgia has improved tremendously on its performance in the last report.  It has actually moved upwards by an impressive 12 spots compared to the last report. The last report placed Georgia in the number 26 position. The state spends an impressive $66,994 per mile of highway according to the report.

Where the state really needs to work harder is in reducing the urban fatality rate, meaning the number of persons killed in accidents on the state’s urban roadways.  Georgia was ranked at number 41 in the urban fatality rate.  Only 10 other states besides Georgia have urban fatality rates equal to or greater than one per 100 million vehicle miles. Other areas of improvement include congestion in which the state was ranked at number 34. Motorists in Georgia spend far too much time in traffic, and an average driver spends close to 15 hours a year stuck in traffic congestion.

These are potential areas for improvement. Even here, there is a distinct possibility that the state will be able to better its rankings in the future. The state is currently involved in the construction of a network of managed lanes in the notoriously congested metro Atlanta region in order to reduce traffic jams. High-quality pavements and an enhanced roadway system that allows for smoother movement of traffic without traffic congestion can definitely help keep motorists in Georgia safer.

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