Georgia Targets Speed Racing Problems

Speed racing or drag racing is surprisingly not uncommon in Atlanta, but much to people’s dismay, these races have become much more widespread during the pandemic. Georgia’s Governor is throwing his weight behind proposals, that would significantly penalize persons for street racing or drag racing.

When the pandemic hit, shelter-in-place restrictions went into effect and there was initially a marked reduction in the number of vehicles on Georgia’s roads. That, unfortunately, led to an epidemic of street racing by drivers using the newly empty streets to race against each other in reckless and dangerous behavior. Such behavior has become even more dangerous now as shelter-in-place restrictions have eased and more motorists are travelling again on the roads and highways. Street racing increases the racer’s risk of being involved in an accident and endangering innocent motorists who may be sharing these roads with them.

Georgia’s Governor has shown his support for new pieces of legislation that aim at keeping residents safer by increasing penalties for street racing and drag racing. These new proposals would penalize not just the street racers themselves, but also promoters of street racing. In fact, one bill would also penalize people who are watching these races. The goal is to discourage such rash practices that endanger the lives and safety of Atlanta residents.

Governor Kemp says that Atlanta parking lots and streets have become a nightmare for residents, because they are now being used by “criminals” who see nothing wrong in racing through these public spaces.  There have, in fact, been several accidents linked to street racing. Several of these accidents have resulted in fatalities. One bill that has been introduced by Democrat Senator Emanuel Jones, in fact, has been inspired by the death of a DeKalb County woman, who sustained fatal injuries in an accident with a street racing car driver in Decatur.

There’s no doubt that street racing is extremely dangerous and must be stopped.  Speeding contributes to the highest number of accidents every year, and when you have motorists who are driving at excessive speeds to race against each other, the consequences can be very severe. Some speed racers can top speeds of over 100 mph, and they often times drive in the wrong lane during these races.  A collision with such a vehicle will undoubtedly result in extremely serious and catastrophic injuries, like spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, or even fatalities. Catastrophic injuries are called as such due to the severe nature of their impact. These injuries can lead to long-term damage, like loss of body movement, paralysis, loss in cognitive functioning and other consequences that can impact the victim’s future.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident caused by a speeding driver, you may be eligible for compensation for damages.  You may qualify for compensation that includes medical expenses, lost income, diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering and other types of economic and non- economic compensation. Talk to an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney and determine your legal options for a claim for compensation for damages.  Initial consultations are free.




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