Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is almost here, and that means excited parents working on costumes for their even more excited children. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Halloween can be a dangerous time, especially for children. Child pedestrians walking around in the dark simply translates into a higher risk of accidents for young children.

This Halloween, make sure that your children are aware of all safety rules before they go out trick-or-treating. There are basic, simple safety rules that children must follow when they are out on Halloween night.

Make sure that young children are accompanied by older children when they’re out. Children must be told to follow the old safety rule of looking left, right and then left again when crossing the street, and must only cross the street at corners. They must walk on sidewalks, and if there are no sidewalks, must walk in the face of oncoming traffic.

Know the route that your children are taking. These must be easy, direct routes that the children are very familiar with, and do not have many street crossings. Children must only be out in well-lit areas. It’s best to have children trick-or-treating in groups.

Children must be disciplined when they walk, and must never dart or run into the street. This can make it nearly impossible for motorists to avoid hitting them.

Overly elaborate costumes can actually be a safety risk because they make it difficult for a child to focus on his or her environment. Make sure that costumes are the right fit – this will help prevent tripping and falls.  Try to avoid masks for your child’s costume. These can actually obstruct the child’s vision causing him to fall, or walk in to the path of an oncoming car. Instead, use face paint-it can give an equally or even more enhanced effect, and does not obstruct vision. Avoid costumes in dark colors or black-these can make a child difficult to spot in the dark. Get costumes in lighter colors, or with streaks of reflective tape. Get children to carry flashlights or glow sticks while walking.

Help your children enjoy this Halloween safely and responsibly!

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