Heavier Trucks Could Soon be Coming to Georgia

Trucks with a heavier weight limit could soon be coming to Georgia after a bill that allows an increase on weight limits on trucks was recently passed by a state committee.

Trucking  safety experts have been warning about the  dangers involved in permitting heavier trucks on Georgia highways. Such trucks take more time to stop in case of an emergency thereby increasing the risk of a truck accident.  One  bill that would raise the existing weight limits on trucks to 90,000  pounds from the current 80,000 pounds is beginning to gain traction.  The  bill was recently approved by the House Transportation Committee.

Georgia currently has a limit of 80,000 pounds for commercial trucks except trucks that are used for logging.  During  the pandemic, however, those limits were temporarily increased to support the increase in freight and trucking activity.  Trucks  during the pandemic were required to carry heavier loads in order to ensure that Georgia residents were not at risk of shortages of medical supplies, foods and other essentials across the state. The order that allowed increased weight limits on trucks is set to expire soon.

Bill 189 would now allow trucks to carry heavier loads.  This  means that heavier, bulkier trucks would be allowed on most Georgia highways posing a serious truck accident hazard for motorists.

Trucking safety groups including the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association have called out against the passing of the bill, and warn that heavier trucks could pose a safety threat to motorists  on our highways.  While  the economic benefits of allowing heavier trucks may be substantial,  trucking safety  groups warn that any such benefits would be dwarfed by the safety risk and costs from truck accidents involving bulkier trucks.  Occupants of a car that are involved in a truck accident with a massive tractor trailer weighing 90,000 pounds would be at risk of catastrophic injuries and wrongful death in these accidents.  Moreover,  heavier trucks would mean greater  wear  and tear on highways,  and more expensive maintenance and repairs as a result.  Trucking safety groups also warn that  there are certain bridges in Georgia which may not be able to bear the additional weight of these trucks.

Georgia, like the rest of the country, has been seeing an increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents, including truck accidents,  and in a situation like this, increasing weight limits on trucks seems like an ill – thought out move.   Additional  weight limits made sense during the emergency situation of the pandemic,  but do not make as much sense now when the situation is back to normal.

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