How Adaptive Cruise Control Could Actually Increase Risk of Speeding Accidents

Cruise control technology allows motorists to drive at safe speeds. However, a more advanced version called adaptive cruise control could actually encourage motorists to drive at excess speeds, increasing the chances of being involved in an accident.

According to a recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorists using adaptive cruise control often fall into the temptation of setting their speed limits much higher than is appropriate or safe. In fact, the study found that motorists who are using adaptive cruise control, or automation technology that includes lane centering features are much more likely to drive at excessive speeds, compared to motorists who are not using either of these two technologies.

Adaptive cruise control allows motorists to select predetermined speed limits. This technology allows for a certain amount of distance to be maintained from the vehicle in front. This technology eliminates the need for the motorist to slam on the brakes in time to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front, avoiding a rear-ender accident that can result in serious injuries.

Cruise control, overall, is a very beneficial technology that reduces the risk of speeding accidents. However, far too many motorists misuse the system in a way that actually increases the risks of being involved in an accident related to speed.

Speeding is a major factor in accidents in the metro Atlanta region and across Georgia. In fact, this is the number one factor in auto accidents across the United States, causing more deaths every year than even drunk driving. Far too many drivers ignore speed limits, or drive far too fast for existing road and weather conditions, or as the results of the study show, misuse the existing technology in their car that is specifically designed to prevent accidents related to speeding.

Speeding – related accidents are typically devastating accidents that result in catastrophic injuries, and, very often, fatalities.  That is because these are typically high- impact accidents. When a car that is travelling at high speeds collides with another car, even one that is travelling at lower speeds, the results are devastating for the occupants of both vehicles. Fatalities are common in these accidents.

Auto safety features like adaptive cruise control actually reduce the risks of speeding accidents, provided motorists use these responsibly.  Remember to start from your home with plenty of time to reach your destination in order to avoid the need for driving at high speeds. Always stay within posted speed limits, and remember to take weather and traffic conditions into account while driving. Wet, rainy or icy weather can make roads slippery.  Drop your speeds when you are driving in such conditions.  Similarly, congested highways, or busy streets will require motorists to adjust their speeds accordingly.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a speeding- related accident, talk to an Atlanta car accident attorney at the Katz Personal Injury Lawyers, and discuss your legal options for a claim for damages. You may qualify for economic as well as non-economic types of compensation. Talk to an attorney to discuss your case.

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