Increased Risk of Head and Spinal Injuries from Slip and Falls During Winter

Your chances of suffering a serious head or spinal injury increase while performing a number of routine activities in winter. Slip and fall accidents are some of the more hazardous accidents in snowy or icy conditions like the kind that  parts of Georgia have experienced in recent weeks.

Experts are warning about a higher risk of suffering head and spinal injuries, fractures and musculoskeletal injuries during the winter season.    Some of the more common causes of these types of injuries during winter are slip and fall accidents.  A fall can occur when a person slips on an icy patch on the ground. Often, these patches are invisible to the naked eye because of black ice. Sudden falls can mean serious personal injuries including spinal injuries.  Head  injuries are also common in such slip and fall accidents, and more serious head injuries can even result in brain trauma.  Apart from these types of personal injuries, there is always the risk of fractures.  Winter sports also present a risk of brain and spinal injuries during winter.

Experts recommend being extra cautious when you walk outside in snowy or icy conditions.  Wear  appropriate footwear and adopt a wide stance when you walk.  Take  small steps while walking  and make sure that you use your arms properly for balance.  Avoid walking fast,  and avoid walking in low visibility conditions, if possible.

Social media has recently been filled with a number of videos of people slipping and sliding down ice- covered streets across the country where snow storms have disrupted daily life. While these videos make for entertaining viewing for many viewers , they also underscore exactly how risky it is for people to walk  on such slippery roads. As far as possible, remain on sidewalks while walking and don’t use any shortcuts. Avoid using your cell phone while walking –  being distracted is the easiest way to hasten a slip and fall that results in potentially serious personal injuries.

Shoveling is another risky activity during winter.   Ensure  that you are dressed appropriately for shoveling, and use an ergonomically – designed shovel that reduces stress on your back and spine and helps you to maintain balance as well. Pace yourself while shoveling, and make sure that you shovel often enough to avoid large accumulations of snow which can be harder to remove.

If you suffer a slip and fall accident that results in a jolt to the head or a severe blow to your spine, get these injuries checked out by a doctor even if you do not notice any swelling or inflammation at the site of the injury.

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