Nightclub Safety and Liability Issues

Downtown Atlanta has no shortage of bars, clubs and other nightspots.  Patrons of these establishment need to know that while they are great places to unwind and have some fun, they must also be aware that these places can often be crime and injury magnets.

Nightclub owners must make sure that their premises are safe for patrons.  This includes taking action to prevent falls in the dark unlit areas, as well as taking precautions against crimes like rapes and assaults, and even the threat of terrorism.

All staff must be trained in safety protocols, and these must be followed stringently. Make sure that entry to the club is restricted to persons above the age of 21 only.  Safety checks of all patrons should be enforced to prevent and dangerous or violent occurrences.  Staff should be thoroughly trained about identifying clues that require notification of management immediately.

Surveillance methods should be top quality, and cover all areas. These systems must be maintained regularly by trained professionals. All entryways, exit ways and common areas should be equipped with surveillance cameras.

There are a number of things you can do to make sure that you are safe when you are out in one of Atlanta’s night spots.  Try to go out in pairs or groups. Friends can also look out for you and ensure that you aren’t drinking too much. Keep a close watch on your drink as it’s being mixed.  Do not leave your drink unattended as you dance – this can easily allow someone to slip a drug that can cause you to pass out. If you have doubts that your drink has been tampered with, leave it alone and get a fresh one.

Do not loiter around areas around a night club that are typical crime magnets. Parking lots and alleyways can especially dangerous. Avoid walking around pathways with huge shrubs or tall pants or other areas where visibility is poor. Don’t hesitate to scream for help if you have any doubt that you are being stalked or even in the slightest hint of danger.

Make sure you are also aware of all exit and entry points in case of fire of other emergency.  Night club fires are, unfortunately, not uncommon, and can often be missed in the initial stages as a result of the strobe lights and club lighting effects. A fire disaster in an enclosed space like a club can be devastating.

If you have been injured in an accident or as the result of a crime in any bar, pub, club or other night spot, make sure that your rights are protected. It is very likely that you have video footage of your partying or other aspects of the club’s environment. Preserve these recordings – they may prove useful as evidence to establish the owners’ or managements’ failure to provide safe premises for all.

Talk to a premises liability lawyer so you can determine whether you have rights to a claim for damages.

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