Protect Yourself Against Hand Injuries in Slip and Fall Accidents this Winter

Some of the more common injuries that occur in slip and fall accidents during winter are hand and wrist injuries, especially those that occur when a person puts out his hand to break the fall.

This winter, orthopedic surgeons are warning people about the dangers of hand and wrist injuries in fall accidents. These personal injuries can occur during any time of the year, but are especially more common during winter.  There is a medical term for these injuries. They are called FOOSH Injuries or “fall onto an outstretched hand.”  During a fall, a person is very likely to put his hand out to break the fall, placing a lot of pressure on the hand and wrist instead upon impact.  The pressure placed on the joints of the hand, wrist and elbow in these accidents can be severe enough to result in fractures or broken bones.

FOOSH injuries that occur during a slip and fall accident can include Boxer’s fractures that involve a shattering of the small bones of the hand, fractures of the forearm and fractures of the shoulder. While Boxer’s fractures are frequently seen among wrestlers and boxers, they are also quite common among persons who have suffered a fall.  Shoulder fractures are also common in such types of accidents.

Winter provides ideal conditions for slip and fall accidents that result in hand and wrist injuries. Not only are walking surfaces slippery, but low visibility and poor weather conditions may make it difficult for persons to spot the treacherous buildup of ice that can cause fall accidents. Further, retailers and restaurants often fail to take proper precautions to clear ice and snow from their premises and entrances.

In order to prevent hand and wrist fractures in fall accidents this winter, there are several steps a person can take to stay safer.

Wear comfortable footwear that also has excellent grip.  Be especially careful with the right kind of shoes if you are shoveling snow from your driveway or when shopping at outdoor stores and shopping centers.  Shoes must be low – heeled and must fit you well.

Walk slowly and cautiously. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so that you can avoid having to walk fast.  Quick walking can create ideal conditions for a slip and fall accident.

Keep your cell phone on you at all times while walking. You can use the torch light feature to illuminate darker areas, and identify treacherous black ice.

Avoid walking in unknown areas, especially after dark.  This is especially important for senior citizens who may struggle with gait, balance and coordination issues apart from low visibility and slippery surfaces.

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