Slip and Fall Accidents are More Dangerous for Men

Older men are at a much higher risk of suffering potentially serious head injuries when they suffer a slip and fall accident, compared to women.  These findings from a recent study are surprising because earlier research had held that women have a higher risk of suffering skull or facial fractures in a slip and fall accident.

Falls are a major health hazard for seniors, both male and female. More than 3 million Americans above the age of 65 suffer personal injuries in slip and fall accidents every year.  Some of these personal injuries are minor, but other personal injuries can include fractures and broken bones, including skull fractures that have potentially catastrophic and life -altering consequences.

The results of this new study were published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.  The study found that overall, women were much more likely to receive treatment for injuries in slip and fall accidents, while men were more likely to suffer from dangerous head injuries in such accidents.  Earlier research has found that as many as 58% of women suffer slip and fall accidents.  While men have a lower rate of suffering slip and fall accidents, their rate of facial personal injuries and skull trauma is higher. In the study, the men were found to have a significantly higher risk of skull fractures. The increased risk of skull fractures was seen in men of all races and ethnicities, but the risk was especially higher in the case of white men.

According to the researchers, slip and fall prevention must be taken more seriously.  With an increasing population of seniors who enjoy active lifestyles, it is important for residential and commercial communities to factor in fall prevention and safety for elderly people.

Simple slip and fall prevention measures can include the installation of effective guard rail systems on staircases.  Slip proof flooring and decluttering of floors can also allow seniors to walk on surfaces that do not conceal hazards or risks.  Stairways and corridors must be well-illuminated.  Supermarkets and grocery stores must ensure that their floors are free from spills that may place seniors at risk of a fall. If you are a senior, pay special attention to decluttering your floors at home, and avoid placing rugs or carpets that can be potential fall risks.

Commercial establishments like supermarkets, grocery stores, and restaurants may be at risk of liability when a person suffers a slip and fall accident on their premises.  If you own  a commercial establishment, ensure that your property is free from potential fall risks, especially those that are a threat to seniors who may be especially more vulnerable  to injuries in slip and fall accidents.

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