Speeding, Cell Phone Use Biggest Car Accident Threat for Teen Drivers

From inexperience to distractions from passengers, teen motorists  are faced with a variety of auto accident risks.   However, the two biggest risks facing teen motorists are their tendencies to drive at high speeds and use cell phones while driving.

That information comes from the results of a new study presented recently at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition. The study was supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health.

The driving behaviors of a total of 155 teenagers were studied as part of the research.  The data was collected in the form of an app that the teenagers used while they were driving.  The  app measured and monitored the presence of dangerous driving behaviors like using a cell phone and driving at high speeds that increased car accident risks.

The study found that all teenage motorists, no matter their gender or their age were at risk of dangerous driving behaviors.  These  dangerous driving behaviors include using a cell phone while driving and driving at high speeds. In fact, these are the two most common behaviors among teen drivers with the app finding that 40% of the teenagers had operated a car at high speeds  while 30% of teenagers had used their cell phones while driving.  About 5% of the teenagers in the study had actually used cell phones while they were speeding.

While teenage drivers of both genders were equally at risk for dangerous car accident-causing behaviors,  some types of behaviors were more commonly seen in male drivers.  For  instance, approximately 10% of all drivers engaged in rapid acceleration  and hard braking, but these behaviors were more common among male drivers than female drivers. When it came to speeding and cell phone use, however, there was no difference between male and female drivers.

It is not surprising that speeding and cell phone use are such common behaviors among teenage motorists.  Teenagers are much more likely to be impulsive or may be at risk of risky behaviors like speeding.  They  are also more likely to be under the influence of peer pressure and that might cause them to drive at excessive speeds, increasing their auto accident risks.  Teenagers  are also likely to be addicted to their cell phones, and this kind of behavior is likely to continue even when they are behind the wheel,  compared to older motorists who might understand the dangers of such actions.  Parents must be vigilant and must discuss the importance of safe driving with their children.

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