Stricter State Seatbelt Laws May Lead to Fewer Auto Accident Injuries Sustained by Teens

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | April 25, 2012

Parents of teenage drivers may be relieved to learn that teen drivers and passengers are more likely to use seat belts if they’re in states with primary-enforcement seat belt laws, often promoted as “click it or ticket” laws, a new study finds. This likely hood may also lead to a lessening of injuries sustained by […]

Families of the Victims of the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster Finally Receive Compensation

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | January 11, 2012

According to both the Charleston Gazette and USA Today, on Tuesday January 10, 2012, Alpha Natural Resources finally finalized a deal that resolved the last of the wrongful death workers compensation claims and wrongful death lawsuits of the families of the 29 miners who died in the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster. This deal comes […]

The Colorado Supreme Court Reverses Lower Courts decision and approves $10 Million Dollar Verdict against Wal-Mart in Slip and Fall Case

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | November 23, 2011

According to the ABA, earlier this month, the Colorado Supreme court reversed a lower court’s determination that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was entitled to a new trial, and approved a $10 million award to a truck driver who had to undergo multiple spinal surgeries as a result of the injuries she sustained after slipping and […]

Do the Families of Uninsured Drivers Deserve Compensation? The New Jersey Supreme Court Says No

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | September 24, 2011

On August 29, 2011, the Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled that a statute barring uninsured motorists injured in automobile accidents from recovering also applied to the heirs of insured drivers who were killed as a result of an automobile accident. According to the New Jersey Law Journal, the Court ruled that an heir cannot […]

Incidents of Pedestrian Car Accidents Decreasing, but Pain Lingers

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | September 15, 2011

The year 2009 saw the loss of 4,092 lives and 59,000 injuries in pedestrian/motor vehicle related crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). While nearly one pedestrian is injured every 9 minutes, these new statistics would still certainly suggest that occurrences of pedestrian accidents are heading towards a continuous downwards trend. It’s […]

Feds Reject Petition Calling for Seat Belts on School Buses Despite potential For prevention of Injuries in Bus Accidents

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | August 30, 2011

The federal administration has rejected a petition by consumer safety groups calling for the installation of seat belts on school buses. According to the administration, it does not have enough evidence to indicate that the benefits of installing seatbelts on all school buses would justify the heavy expenses involved. This position is reprehensible. It is […]

Lack of Access to Trauma Care Places Georgia Tourists at High Risk of Car Accident Death

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | August 8, 2011

For most Atlanta residents planning a vacation this summer, access to emergency trauma care in their vacation destination is not really at the top of the priority list. In fact, most people on vacation don’t give a second thought to whether their holiday destination has easy and quick access to trauma care in the event […]

Two Persons Injured in Atlanta Truck Accident

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | July 17, 2011

Two people were injured earlier in an accident involving a truck that crashed into a railway bridge. The impact of the accident caused a huge block of concrete to fall off from the bridge, and onto the truck as well as another car below. The truck driver and the occupant of another vehicle sustained injuries […]