Car Accident Risks and ADHD

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | August 25, 2017

Driving safety is a matter of concern for parents of most teens, and especially so for the parents of a teenager diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A new study finds that teenagers who suffer from ADHD are more likely than their peers to be involved in a motor vehicle collision. After acquiring a […]

Alarming Increase in Pedestrian Fatalities in Georgia

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | July 10, 2017

Pedestrians have never been more unsafe on the streets of Georgia. According to reports, there was a alarming spike in the number of pedestrian accident fatalities reported last year. In 2016, there was an increase of 21% in pedestrian accident fatalities across Georgia, compared to the previous year. These statistics come from a study by […]

Social Workers may be Liable in the Wrongful Death of a Denver, Colorado Child

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | December 6, 2011

The death of a child is always a tragedy. However when a child dies under the circumstances of horrific abuse, the tragedy is that much worse. When children are the victims of child abuse, there is no question that those at fault should be held accountable. Normally, those found to be at fault are relatives […]

Getting Judges More Involved in the Settlement Phase of Medical Malpractice

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | June 17, 2011

Equity. Fairness. Justice. All three are words long-associated with the aims of the Court. Never to be forgotten, especially in this economy, curbing costs has also jumped on the bandwagon. One pervasive method for curbing costs has been to encourage parties to reach settlements long before the trial phase. This holds especially true in the […]