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Georgia Truck Crash Due to Possible Brake Failure Nets $3.2 Million Verdict

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | January 21, 2014

A jury of 12 deliberated for 12 hours before returning to the courtroom with a favorable verdict for the plaintiffs, a husband and wife from Flowery Branch, Georgia who were the unfortunate victims of a horrendous truck accident. After almost three years and countless hours of preparation, the Parks received an award in the amount […]

Three-Year-Old Truck Accident Personal Injury Case Presents Additional Questions Regarding Liability

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | December 9, 2013

It was almost three years ago that Kevin Boyer of North Dakota was driving his three children home in the family van when they were suddenly struck by a tractor-trailer with a double-trailer rig. Two of his children perished in the crash, leaving both Boyer and the third child, a three-year-old son, critically injured. One […]

Truck Driver at Fault in Fatal Atlanta Truck Accident: Negligence to Blame

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | October 28, 2013

Even the most skilled motorists occasionally experience a modicum of nervousness when passing big rigs – also known as the behemoths of the road. The sheer size of trucks, tractor-trailers, 18 wheelers and semi-trucks has inspired the common belief that a truck accident with one of those vehicles necessarily results in a proportionally larger number […]