The Top 5 Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents very often end in serious injuries, and even death, to the motorcyclist. Because of this, all motorcyclists should be aware of the most common causes of accidents and, more importantly, how to prevent them.  Below are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Many motorcycle accidents happen when the vehicle travelling in the opposite direction of the motorcycle makes a left turn in front of them. Left-turn accidents are very common, and usually the car making the left turn does so unexpectedly in front of the motorcycle. When this happens, it is often too late for the motorcyclist to stop or do anything to prevent an accident, and the result is a potentially serious crash. Reduce your chances of being involved in crashes like these by being very aware of the motorists around you and the actions they may take. Most car drivers will not see a motorcycle until it is too late.  If it looks like the car in front of you is going to make a left turn and you are unable to come to a complete stop, at least reduce your speed immediately. While it may not prevent an accident from happening, it can reduce the severity of the impact and your injuries.

Another common crash scenario happens when a car suddenly turns into the motorcyclist’s lane. Remember that motorists are usually not looking out for motorcyclists, so there is a good chance that a driver may not even see your motorcycle.  Therefore, always try to stay out of a car’s blind spots.

A motorist doesn’t even have to be driving to cause an accident with a motorcyclist. A crash can occur when a driver opens his car door into the motorcyclist’s path and the rider crashes into it as a result.  To prevent crashes like these, never assume anything about motorist’s behavior.  Again, while being able to completely avoid a crash like this may be challenging, your best bet to avoid serious injuries is to reduce your speed as much as possible. Remember, the lower the speed of your motorcycle at the time of the crash, the better your chances of not being injured as severely.

Another big factor in motorcycle accidents is bad weather.  Bad weather is a motorcyclist’s worst enemy and you should be extra cautious while riding in inclement weather. Wet and slippery roads can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists.  Not only that, but when it rains, it results in poor visibility that makes it not only difficult for you to see the road and motorists clearly, but it’s difficult for other motorists to see you as well. Therefore, avoid riding in bad weather if at all possible. The risk is not worth it.

Perhaps the biggest factor of motorcycle accidents is speed.  Too many accidents are the result of motorcyclists riding at speeds far too high to be considered safe. Riding at excessive speeds makes it much more likely that you will lose control of your motorcycle or will be unable to stop in time to avoid a serious accident.  Therefore, always take care to follow the posted speed limits so you can arrive at your destination safe and sound.

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