Heart Disease can Exacerbate Slip and Fall Accident Risks

People who suffer from cardiovascular disease may be at a higher risk of suffering from slip and fall accidents that expose them to serious personal injury.

According to a new study whose results were published in the journal Circulation:  Cardiovascular Quality Outcomes,  more research is needed to understand the causes of increased fall risks in people suffering from cardiovascular disease.   An earlier study from 2018 found that as many as 60% of people who suffer from cardiovascular disease had a moderate to high risk of suffering a slip and fall accident.

There are several risk factors that might expose a person who suffers from  cardiovascular conditions to have an elevated fall risk.   Hypertension or a spike in blood pressure may cause dizziness or a sudden loss of consciousness which could directly lead to a fall hazard.  A  person recovering from a stroke may continue to suffer from dizziness, while one who suffers from diabetes may suffer from neuropathy in the foot that could affect balance and, therefore, slip and fall accident risks.

This is not to say that nothing can be done to  reduce fall  risks in persons suffering from cardiac conditions.  The  researchers say that it is important for medical professionals to work together with patients and their families as well as physical therapists to improve balance and coordination to reduce these risks.   A  fall  accident can result in hip fractures which  are additional complications for a person  suffering from a cardiac health condition.

These  fall  risks are even more dangerous  in older adults who already have a significantly elevated risk of suffering a fall accident.  When  you  add a cardiovascular condition like high blood pressure or hypertension or heart attack to the  situation,  the potential implications can be disastrous.  Older  persons are very likely to suffer a life-altering hip fracture,  and these are injuries that do not heal very well in the case of  seniors.

If you suffer from a cardiovascular condition, make sure that your physician knows about any dizziness or lightheadedness that you feel or any difficulty that you experience with your balance or gait. Make sure that you get your blood pressure checked regularly.  A dip in blood pressure can lead to   lightheadedness and fainting.  Inquire into the use of assistive walking devices like canes or walkers.   Patients  must understand their fall risks, and healthcare professionals must make sure the patient’s fall risks are managed appropriately.

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