Unsafe, Recalled Cars Place Georgia Motorists at Risk of Auto Accidents

Thousands of Georgia motorists  may be at risk of car accidents caused when they are driving defective or dangerous vehicles that have been included in recalls.

When  the  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announces a recall of a vehicle for potentially dangerous design or manufacturing defects,  automakers and other related parties immediately work to contact customers and let them know about the defect that has led to the recall.  From then on, motorists are given information about bringing these cars in for repairs or replacement of defective parts, if necessary.

However, thousands of these defective, dangerous cars may continue to be sold in the used car market.  This  is a problem because used car sellers are not required by the law to inform customers  about any potentially dangerous defects in the design and manufacture of the cars.  While  automakers have a legal responsibility to inform their customers about a recall,  used car dealers do not have any such obligation to inform buyers about any car accident risks.

A new investigation by 11alive.com finds that many Georgia motorists  buy cars at used car dealerships, while remaining unaware of the dangerous defects in some of these vehicles.  One recall that has affected tens of  millions of cars around the country and in Georgia is the Takata defective airbag recall.  The  airbags in millions of vehicles, including Honda and Ford cars, have a defect that could possibly cause them to become dangerous to motorists.  The risk of injury to  motorists and passengers travelling in vehicles equipped with these dangerous airbags has resulted in massive recalls of these cars.  The  11alive.com investigation, however, found that vehicles with these dangerous Takata airbags continue to be sold at used car dealerships across the state.

It’s not just dangerous airbags that  buyers  of used cars must be aware of.  Cars  that have been recalled for a variety of other defects, including braking problems and  other dangerous issues that could place motorists  at a high risk of being involved in an  auto accident, continue to be sold in the used car market.  The   11alive.com investigation found that many dealerships  have several of these models on their lots, with no intention of informing customers about the potential auto accident risks of driving  these cars.

If you are in the market for a used car, make sure that you do your research carefully before you make a purchase,  and make sure that the car that you are considering buying has not been included in a previous recall.   The  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration makes information about   recalls very easily available on its website.   Simply enter the model number of the automobile you are  intending to purchase, and you will get the information you require.  Do  not depend solely on the used car dealership for safety information about the car you are considering buying.

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