Proven Strategies Could help Save Half a Million Lives in Auto Accidents Every Year

A combination of proven and time-tested strategies like expansion of seatbelt usage and cracking down on intoxicated driving could help save as many as half a million lives in auto accidents across the world every year.

According to a new study, hundreds of thousands of lives are lost across the world every year in car accidents, and many of these lives could be saved if simple strategies are implemented by governments. In a new study that was published recently in the Lancet journal, researchers analyzed car accident statistics around the world and identified the strategies that can be used to prevent these auto accidents and the resultant wrongful deaths. An overwhelming majority of car accident fatalities, according to the study, are linked to  drunk driving,  failure to wear seat belts,  and high speeds.  These are the three most critical factors in auto accidents, no matter which country you are driving in. They are also some of the most preventable factors.

A strong focus on reducing the incidence of drunk driving, for instance, would help save hundreds of thousands of lives in car accidents every year.  Stringent enforcement with tougher penalties for violations can help the government reduce the incidence of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in this country.  Similarly, enforcement should be at the crux of any campaign that calls on drivers to drive at posted speeds.  It is not as if drivers are not aware of the dangers of drunk driving or driving at high speeds.  Rather, this knowledge is often ignored.  Stronger enforcement of existing rules and penalties for violations can encourage motorists to drive at safe speeds.

Failure to wear seat belts is becoming less of a factor in car accident deaths  in developed countries, but continues to be a major risk in less developed countries in the world.  The researchers believe that making both front as well as back seatbelt use mandatory with violations subject to citations can be a way of saving thousands of lives every year.

Yet another factor that places many people at risk of a fatal personal injury in auto accidents is the lack of access to trauma care.  Improved and immediate access to life- saving care can mean the difference between life and death for any individual in a car accident.  The researchers believe that implementing these strategies could save as many as 545,000 lives across the globe every year.  In the United States, the combination of these strategies could save as many as 43,000 lives in motor vehicle accidents every year.  Cracking down on speeding could save as many as 22,000 lives in the United States alone.

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