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Underage Drunk Driver Causes Georgia Wrong-Way Car Crash

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | July 24, 2014

Despite all commercial efforts, underage drinking continues to be a prevalent problem amongst today’s youth. Underage drinking is prohibited nationwide and Georgia law makes it illegal for adult motorists to drive with a blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0.08 or greater and 0.02 or higher, for motorists under the age of 21. Not only is […]

Is Negligence Alone to Blame in Toddler’s Hyperthermia Death?

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | June 30, 2014

For many in Atlanta, this summer began with a toddler’s tragic death and…a question. On June 18th of this year, 22 month old Cooper Harris perished after his father mistakenly left him alone in the family car for seven hours as temperatures at the father’s office park reached their peak. Per the coroner, the Cobb […]

Discretionary Immunity and Remedies for the Motorist Injured in a Car Accident with a Police Officer

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | May 20, 2014

What happens when a personal injury plaintiff wants to file a claim for injurious acts committed by an on-duty police officer? Finding a remedy in such a situation has the potential to be an extremely difficult, albeit not impossible, road to traverse. Few people are aware that government officials, including police officers, enjoy a degree […]

Deadly Georgia Hit-and-Run Car Accident Claims Toddler’s Life

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | April 8, 2014

The hunt continues for the driver of a white, late model pickup truck in Georgia. Officials say the motorist is responsible for callously striking two young children in DeKalb County Saturday afternoon as they waited on the sidewalk, near the entrance of a Tucker Walmart, to cross the street with their mother. Witnesses to the […]

Negligent Drivers May be Responsible for Safety of Passengers in Car Accidents

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | November 7, 2013

A Georgia motorist, Dominic Moceri, was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison for his role in a fiery car crash that claimed the life of his female passenger six years ago. The Athens man was found guilty of homicide after his attempts to outrun police following an attempted traffic stop culminated in him crashing […]

Anticipated Halloween Traffic A Cause for Concern for Both Trick-or-treaters and Motorists

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | October 31, 2013

Commuters this Halloween have already been forewarned to expect rush hour traffic to begin ghoulishly early on October 31st, with projections for congestion beginning as early at 1 pm. Experience itself suggests that no matter how early you leave work or how earnestly you plan beforehand, chances are you will be ensnared in some form […]

Drunk Driver Causes Death of Motorcyclist in Fatal Atlanta Collision

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | October 1, 2013

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports a 24-year-old motorist crossed the center line of a Georgia roadway and struck a motorcyclist in the early hours of the morning just last month. The pair was traveling in opposite directions on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta when the auto accident occurred. Reports by DeKalb County police indicated that […]

Wrongful Death Actions Filed in Georgia after Fatal Plane Crash

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | September 24, 2013

A deadly Georgia airplane crash that occurred earlier this year may have lent itself to multiple lawsuits, according to the Augusta Chronicle. Investigation into the crash continues as the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) attempts to determine what cause the February 20 incident. An independent federal agency, the NTSB is charged with determining the probable […]

Fatal Stadium Fall at Atlanta Braves Game Leads to Premises Liability Questions for Patrons

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | August 14, 2013

When sports fans enter sports arenas, the one thing that is the furthest from their minds is the possibility of a slip and fall accident. Instead their minds are on things like their favorite players, the winning odds, consuming inglorious amounts of stadium food and libations, and experiencing a level of camaraderie with perfect strangers […]

Car Surfing Trend Resurfaces at Great Cost: Injury, Deadly Car Accidents Result

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | June 13, 2013

As trends often do, this one seems to resurface every year or so. Like most fads, young people looking to impress their peers tend to be the ones to latch on. Unlike some less complicated trends, however, this particular trend has more dangerous implications – car accidents often resulting in traumatic brain injury, physical disabilities […]