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Increased Risk of Head and Spinal Injuries from Slip and Falls During Winter

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | January 25, 2023

Your chances of suffering a serious head or spinal injury increase while performing a number of routine activities in winter. Slip and fall accidents are some of the more hazardous accidents in snowy or icy conditions like the kind that  parts of Georgia have experienced in recent weeks. Experts are warning about a higher risk […]

Protect Yourself Against Hand Injuries in Slip and Fall Accidents this Winter

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | December 12, 2022

Some of the more common injuries that occur in slip and fall accidents during winter are hand and wrist injuries, especially those that occur when a person puts out his hand to break the fall. This winter, orthopedic surgeons are warning people about the dangers of hand and wrist injuries in fall accidents. These personal […]

Heart Disease can Exacerbate Slip and Fall Accident Risks

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | October 13, 2022

People who suffer from cardiovascular disease may be at a higher risk of suffering from slip and fall accidents that expose them to serious personal injury. According to a new study whose results were published in the journal Circulation:  Cardiovascular Quality Outcomes,  more research is needed to understand the causes of increased fall risks in […]

Therapies to Improve Bowel Function in Spinal Injury Patients

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | June 7, 2021

Slip and/or fall accidents can cause serious injuries and result in long-term disability to a person’s life.  Spinal injuries are often the result of fall accidents.  A fall does not have to occur from an elevation for the person to suffer a spinal injury. Even a fall from a low height, like a few stairs, […]

Wet Floor Slip and Falls Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | May 8, 2019

There have been some cases in the news recently about claims for personal injuries after slip and fall accidents against national retailers and hotel chains.  In one case, a customer in the retail store H&M in Pennsylvania slipped and fell on a wet floor at the entrance.  In another case, a guest at a Hyatt […]

Halloween Safety Tips and Tricks to Avoid Personal Injury

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | October 13, 2014

While Halloween is a holiday, second only to Christmas, to which kids (and kids at heart alike) look forward to, it is also rife with opportunities for personal injury. From decorations to costumes to food safety, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. For many adults, some of the most fun to be had comes […]

Fatal Stadium Fall at Atlanta Braves Game Leads to Premises Liability Questions for Patrons

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | August 14, 2013

When sports fans enter sports arenas, the one thing that is the furthest from their minds is the possibility of a slip and fall accident. Instead their minds are on things like their favorite players, the winning odds, consuming inglorious amounts of stadium food and libations, and experiencing a level of camaraderie with perfect strangers […]

The Colorado Supreme Court Reverses Lower Courts decision and approves $10 Million Dollar Verdict against Wal-Mart in Slip and Fall Case

By Robert N. Katz, Esq. | November 23, 2011

According to the ABA Journal.com, earlier this month, the Colorado Supreme court reversed a lower court’s determination that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was entitled to a new trial, and approved a $10 million award to a truck driver who had to undergo multiple spinal surgeries as a result of the injuries she sustained after slipping and […]